Bluewasp Web Solutions     

About Us

Bluewasp Web Solutions have been producing websites since the year 2000, with our foundations established after years in the IT business.

We are based in Rainham, in the Medway Towns, Kent. We try to specialise in just website development, website design and hosting.

Bluewasp is a small business, so we understand that your business may have budget restrictions and high demands.

Our package is fixed price so there are no surprises. Get in touch to see how we can help you build your online status.

  • Web design and development in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood (Medway) - now with SEO Packages
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for Kent and Medway
  • Website design for Medway and Kent - SEO, hosting and email provider

Bluewasp offer a low cost SEO package ideal for small businesses and sole traders - our prices are tailored for lower budgets.

We have been producing websites for over 13 years now, but up until recently we have referred customers to external Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) resources.

Our main reason for doing this is that the SEO market is a confusing and sometimes immoral one. We have many customers who tell us that they have paid hundereds of pounds each month with the promise of getting to the top of Google, and after a few months of paying, they realise that it is not happening.

Recently we have decided to enter the SEO game, but with a different and open approach. We won't make any promises. We won't make any guarantees. We won't claim to know some 'secret trick' or state that we will increase your hits within a week. 

What we will do, is give you an honest appraisal of your website, tell you what we think needs to be done, and you can either do it yourself or ask us to keep ontop of it for a monthly fee.

The advice we give is targeted towards improving the performance of your website in major search engines such as Google.

Our monthly package includes a regular report, detailing the current position in the search engines of your selected key phrases. The key phrases are a list of words that you think users will be typing into Google - We can advise on the best ones to choose and whether your expectations are achievable. 

E.g. - If you are a web designer in Chatham, your key phrase might be "web design". However searching for that would show up results from all over the country. It's very unlikely you would ever be listed on the first page of Google with so much competition. It would be better to target geographically, such as "web design chatham" or "web design medway"

We monitor these phrases each month, and adjust and create web content to hopefully progress your SEO ranking.

There are no false promises, just a genuine and honest approach. Contact Us for details of prices and further information.